In-Home Martial Arts Training

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Trying to find the time to study the martial arts? It seems that half the battle with martial arts training is the inconvenience of it all! After a long day, who wants to drive to the dojo? Fortunately, there is a better solution. With the proper guidance, you can enjoy safe, effective in home personal training in the martial arts that really gets results. James Bryant holds the rank of 8th degree black belt and has been training people in Kenpo Karate since 1976. This program is for men, women and children (ages 10 - up).

Focus on Personal Goals

Private lessons also offer students the ability to focus on personal interests, concerns and goals such as flexibility, strength or self defense. An instructor teaching in a private setting is able to take the martial arts student's interests and goals and create a personalized routine tailored specifically to that student.

Creating a Schedule

Although goal setting is important, making the time to practice is vital in developing martial arts skills. If group class schedules conflict with your personal schedule, you may find your options limited.  In such an instance, a private lesson can accommodate even the most hectic of schedules.

We know your time is important to you and private lessons cater to your availability. Taking lessons at a time that is convenient for you, allows not only more flexibility in scheduling but gives you greater control over your skill development.

Overcoming Health Concerns

Injuries, age and health concerns can make a normal martial arts class impractical for some participants. A martial arts instructor teaching several students at one time cannot focus on individual needs. Furthermore, health concerns like pregnancy, prior injuries or heart disease may require special alterations to one’s martial arts practice. When health concerns are a potential issue, it is best to have a private lesson. The instructor can work around the problem or deal with other specific needs.


Personal martial arts training is more affordable than you might think.

Our rates start at $40.00 per half hour or $60.00 for an hour training session. 

Train with a friend and save even more!

Why Train At Home?

  • Familiar enviroment
  • You pick the best time for you. 
  • No commute
  • No dealing with weather
  • No waiting
  • Your own bathroom and shower
  • it's that easy